Legislating the War on Terror: An Agenda for Reform

9/11 and subsequent American actions irrevocably changed the political, military, and legal landscapes of U.S. national security. Predictably, many of the changes were controversial, and abuses were revealed. The United States needs a new legal framework that reflects these new realities.

Editor Benjamin Wittes leads an authoritative lineup of legal experts and former government officials, many of whom have served on the legal front lines of the War on Terror. Together they present an agenda for reforming the statutory law governing this new battle, balancing the need for security, the rule of law, and the constitutional rights of freedom.

The contributors to Legislating the War on Terror  include some of the most important figures in this raging national debate in America. They tackle some of the most challenging dilemmas that face Congress as it legislates the new ground rules for a War on Terror.

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