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How Obama Decides Your Fate If He Thinks You’re a Terrorist

Coauthored with Daniel Byman, The Atlantic, January 3, 2013 Over the past two years, the Obama administration has begun to formalize a so-called “disposition matrix” for suspected terrorists abroad: a continuously evolving database that spells out the intelligence on targets and various strategies, including contingencies, for handling them. Although the government has not spelled out […]

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Global Security in the 21st Century

Published in Megatrends in Global Interaction, Bertelsmann Foundation, October 2012. In 1914, in the wake of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, a foreign affairs writer named F. Cunliffe-Owen looked for the bright side. “While it is only natural that one should be stricken with horror at the brutal and shocking assassination,” he wrote in […]

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Letting Go of Roe

The Atlantic Magazine, January / February 2005 Are we about to suffer through another horrible Supreme Court nomination dominated by abortion politics? Bet on it. With Chief Justice William Rehnquist seriously ill, the prospect of a Supreme Court vacancy early in George Bush’s second term looms over American politics. The script for this—and every—Republican high-court […]

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